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Spec-D Pro Drift Series

Pro- Brodown July 14, 2024 AGASSIZ SPEEDWAY

Pro- Brodown July 14, 2024 AGASSIZ SPEEDWAY

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We are changing things up this year! Hitting the newly updated Agassiz speedway for the 5th annual Pro/brodown following the Mission drift weekend.

Open Drift Tech Form

___ DOT approved helmets (driver and passenger)
___ Acceptable amount of rubber on front and rear tires
___ No Leaks (oil, coolant, brake fluid, transmission etc)
___ Absolutely no loose items in the car or trunk
___ All lug nuts and wheel studs in place
___ Secure and adequate suspension
___ Tight steering, no significant play
___ Functional brake system (pedal and hand brake)
___ All body panels in place and secured
___ No loose or hanging wires
___ Seats and harnesses property secured and mounted
___ Proper routing of seat belts
___ Closed toed shoes, no sandals 
___ At least 1 working taillight
___ Fire extinguisher 5 lb min
___ Water only/no glycol
___ Catch can 1 lt min
___ Tow hooks or straps, front and back  
___ SFI padding on roll cage

Any questions:


NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES, be sure you can attend before you purchase.

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