Please check back later. Policies and guidelines are still available below for reference.

Media Applications

Spec-D Media Signup:

If you are interested in being added to an event roster as media personnel, please read through the following information and basic rules for entry. If you can meet all criteria and wish to apply, fill out the form below.

As of right now, spots will be approved as we see fit. If / when spots are limited, priority will be given to those whom shoot for websites, editorials, or those whom have covered drift events on the regular for Spec-D in the past.

Basic Entry Requirements / Info

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Safety Requirements:
    • Supply your own high-vis safety vest
    • Closed toed shoes / socks are a must
    • Pants that cover your legs from the shoe to the waist are a must
  • Must use professional / hobbyist drone, video, or camera equipment (DSLR / Mirrorless)
  • Must be present for at least one media meeting before being allowed hot track access on event dates
    • This is a must - failure to attend will result in denial of access to the hot track for various safety reasons. In this instance, you will be allotted the same access as a spectator. (Grandstands, pits, concession and vendors areas.. etc)
  • Media badge must be worn on the concourse for access to hot track areas on event dates
  • Completion of Spec-D's waivers and the Venue's waivers.
  • Staff attain the right to ask you to leave the premises at any time if:
    • your actions on the hot track are disrespectful to others
    • you are disobedient to rules and guidelines
    • you are causing safety concerns
    • you are purposely causing a delay of show
    • you are directly putting yourself in a path of danger

Media Usage and Credit Policies:

Content taken at any Spec-D event posted online must meet the following criteria:

  • Any photographs taken must feature the Spec-D watermark in one of the corners of the image, in addition to your own watermark.
    • Logos for event watermarks will be available usually a few weeks before an event, please see the Discord for the most up to date information.
  • Use the collaboration feature / tag on social media as much as possible - Posts last forever, story tags disappear after 24 hours.
    • If using collaboration posts on Instagram, we will approve the requests as best we can and when this is done, your post shows up on our instagram page and gains you access to all of our followers - and the post stays up on the page for as long as you have the post on your account. (Subject to appropriate content throughout)
  • Reels / videos - must tag the appropriate social media account
  • Photographs and video material can be used for blogs or personal social media accounts - please send us a link to your site or posting so we can share it with the rest of our followers / cross post it online.
  • Refrain from posting any content of drivers or passengers with limbs outside the vehicle.

Share photos / content to the appropriate platforms:


For print / reposting online:

Spec-D would like digital archives of at least 10 - 20 of your best pieces of media to repost / reshare online and for use in social and in physical media.
Select media may be used in physical items such as books, autograph cards, calendars / other printed oddities - or digital media such as social media posts, website banners, website galleries and event posters (with credit to the original photographer where applicable unless otherwise specified - compensation can be negotiated for certain materials.