>>>Spec-D Thursday Night Open Drift Powered By JB’s Power Centre

Spec-D hosts weekly open drift nights at Castrol Raceway offering safe and fun drifting to all skill levels on our SkidPad. Simple tech inspection and DOT Helmets needed. Track Layout Changes weekly. Ride-alongs are available with most drivers.

Thursday’s Open Drift Schedule

Open Drift Schedule for 2020
May: 7, 21, 28
June: 4, 18, 25
July: 2, 23, 30
August: 6, 20
September: 10, 17, 24
October: 1


** Dates subject change

All practice dates are Thursday evenings, practice gates open at 5pm on track for 5:30pm
Bring a proper helmet and have your cars clean of loose items, and most of all HAVE FUN!!!

Admission / Gate Times

Drivers – $45.00
Spectators – $10.00

– Gates open at 5 PM
– on track drifting shortly after to ensure maximum seat time
– Practice goes until 10 PM or Dark

Open Drift Rules & Regulations

In mutual agreement with presenting race facilities and Spec-D, zero tolerance rules have been put into effect for the drift season for your safety and for the safety of everyone attending the event. Anyone caught breaking ANY of these rules will be escorted from the event but is welcome to any event after that day. If mistreatment of facility or people attending event persists, the corresponding person or persons will be banned from the remainder of the Spec-D drift season.

1) ABSOLUTELY NO alcohol, drugs or alcohol consumption is permitted on the premises by drivers. Alcohol may be available to spectators only provided it is purchased at the race facility, no outside alcohol can be brought in.

2) Any burnouts, tire squawks, or stunting is not permitted anywhere but on the Drift Pad or designated areas.

3) Anyone found knowingly outside designated spectator or drift area (in vehicles or on foot) shall be escorted from the premises for the remainder of the given event.

4) All drivers MUST complete the following prior to clearance onto the Drift Pad:
– have car inspected and passed by tech.
– have given number and tech sticker visible.
– have proper gear (including helmet).
– attend drivers meeting.
– understand course fully.
– read and sign rules/waiver in agreement, compliance and understanding.

5) Tandem Practices will be permitted once vehicle and driver have passed a tandem tech inspection. If a tandem is to be commenced without passing a tandem tech inspection the persons involved WILL be escorted off the race facility for remainder of given event, and possibly banned for the remainder of the season; as in accordance with attending facilities regulations.

6) Anyone caught vandalizing any property of attending facility (excluding on-line drift only damages on Drift Pad) shall be held personally and financially responsible for the repair or replacement of damaged property. *Note: This also includes any damages caused while drifting off course or in reverse direction of designated course.

7) Disrespect for other drivers, Spec-D personnel or any Drift Marshall will result in the escorting from premises for remainder of given event and possibly future events/practices.

8) If at any time your car becomes unfit to drift (ie. Blown tire) the driver must IMMEDIATELY pull over to a safe area where the problem can be addressed. All problems MUST be fixed before the car will be allowed to move. *Note: To clarify, do not drive any vehicles with blown or flat tires off the pad and through the pits. If this is done the driver will be escorted from the facility.

9) Any excessive smoke shows or attempting to blow a tire out has been deemed to be stunting by the hosting facility. You will be warned the first offense (if it is deemed minor) and escorted from the facility on the second offence per night (drivers may not be given a warning if the stunting becomes excessive or dangerous).

10) All drivers must listen and follow directions by the designated flag persons, if a driver does not obey any flag person they will be escorted from the facility. No exceptions, they are there for your safety and the safety of the spectators/staff.

The attending race facility and Spec-D are not responsible for:
– Any damages to vehicles.
– Any lost broken or stolen property.
– Any personal injury sustained.

YOU ARE DRIFTING AT YOUR OWN RISK! Spec-D waives any and all responsibility to personal injury or damaged caused to vehicles due to inexperience or drivers proceeding through courses beyond their personal skill level.