Welcome to the Spec-D grassroots series, seat time and having a good time are the inspiration for all of the drivers at Spec-D; we are striving to have limited technical requirements while still keeping all the drivers safe. Drivers are responsible to represent our sport professionally and responsibly. Event’s will offer a open drift session for the first


June 11 (Stratotech Raceway)
August 19 (Stratotech Park) 4pm – 9pm
Sept 22 (Rad Torque Raceway)



1. All competition cars are required to have a full weld in cage based upon the Spec-D pro rulebook, anti intrusion bars are not mandatory, minimum drivers door bar is required. SFI rated padding is required any place the drivers head can contact the cage in an accident.

2. Seats and Harnesses. A race seat is required and should be in good shape and securely fastened to the chassis, age of the seat isn’t an issues as long as it is in good shape. Harnesses are to be properly mounted, either 4,5,6 point are acceptable (5,6 point are strongly recommended) Spec-D can fail any harness/seat combination that shows excessive wear, buckles not working perfectly etc.

3. Interior of the car needs to be free of debris, tools, loose items etc. No fluids should be routed inside the vehicle except the hydro e-brake. Cars with a fuel cell must be sealed off from the drivers compartment. Large holes in the front and rear firewall must be sealed. A minimum 5lb fire extinguisher must be securely mounted within easy reach of the driver. Exhaust needs to exit behind the rear wheel, but must not exceed the rear profile of the rear bumper. Battery must be properly secured with either factory mounting or after market system, positive terminal must be insulated.

4. Helmets must be at minimum SA2010 and free from and damage. driver must have long pants, closed toed shoes and T-shirt at minimum (long sleeves or single layer FP coveralls preferred), racing gloves

5. Spec-D reserves the right to refuse any car in tech. Common problems, battery tie down, loose seats, no roll cage padding, missing lug nuts. Safety is common sense, we want all drivers, staff and spectators to have a great, safe experience at the track.

All inquires info@spec-d.ca


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