2019 Pro-Am Rule Book

For the 2019 season, Spec-D will be utilizing the 2019 Formula Drift Pro-Am Technical Rules and Regulations.

Download SPEC-D Pro-Am Rulebook (version 2019.1)

Download SPEC-D Sporting Regulations (version 2019.1)

Although we try our best to avoid updates midseason, they may occur. Please verify you are using the most current version when reviewing throughout the season. Each version is denoted by the number immediately after the year (i.e. 2019.X, with X representing the updates). NOTE: This rulebook is based off the 2019 Formula DRIFT PRO2 TRR. With that said, our rulebook should not lead you astray in building a car that could later compete in Formula DRIFT, however the Formula DRIFT rulebook is updated regularly and we will try our best to update accordingly.