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Spec-D Pro Drift Series

Spec-D Sunday Funday July 14, 2024 MISSION RACEWAY

Spec-D Sunday Funday July 14, 2024 MISSION RACEWAY

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This year we are running the top side of the road course using some of the Pro Layout, over the day we run some different configurations and do fun drift games after lunch.

You do not need a roll cage to compete.

Open Drift Tech Form

___ DOT approved helmets (driver and passenger)
___ Acceptable amount of rubber on front and rear tires
___ No Leaks (oil, coolant, brake fluid, transmission etc)
___ Absolutely no loose items in the car or trunk
___ All lug nuts and wheel studs in place
___ Secure and adequate suspension
___ Tight steering, no significant play
___ Functional brake system (pedal and hand brake)
___ All body panels in place and secured
___ No loose or hanging wires
___ Seats and harnesses property secured and mounted
___ Proper routing of seat belts
___ Closed toed shoes, no sandals 
___ At least 1 working taillight
___ Fire extinguisher 5 lb min or element fire stick
___ Water only/no glycol
___ Catch can 1 lt min
___ Tow hooks or straps, front and back  
___ SFI padding on roll cage (if you have a roll cage)

Any questions:


NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES, be sure you can attend before you purchase.

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