We offer 3 courses in various difficulties according to your driving skill and experience. All courses include classroom time and in-car time at Castrol Raceway. This friendly and helpful environment is designed to teach you everything from the basics of putting a car sideways on the large skid-pad to high-speed combinations on Castrol Raceway’s new FIA road-course. All courses are designed to provide a friendly, one-on-one enviroment with our experienced instructors. Please look at the options available below, if you have any questions regarding course structure or bookings please feel free to visit our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Drifting 101

1st & 2nd Gear

This course is designed for the driver who has very little or no experience drifting a vehicle. We show you the basics of how to initiate a drift, hold drift, transfer (manji) and exit safely and in control. We will start with a classroom introduction and explain the physics and basics of drifting and the car while in drift. From there we will go out to the skid-pad and start learning/practicing the skills taught in class.

Level 1: Donuts
Level 2: Basic E-Brake
Level 3: Basic Manji (Drifting Transfer)
Level 4: Figure-8
Level 5: Semi-Advanced E-Brake
Level 6: Initiation w/ E-Brake – 2nd Gear – Left Turn
Level 7: Initiation w/ E-Brake – 2nd Gear – Right Turn
Level 8: Drifting Mini Course – 2nd Gear

Intermediate Course

2nd & 3rd Gear

This course is designed for the driver that has drifted before and can control a car reasonably through a regular weekly practice course but is looking to become more proficient and more controlled. We will start in the classroom introduction and from there move out onto the skid-pad to work on the set of intermediate levels.

Level 1: Advanced Figure-8
Level 2: Advanced E-Brake
Level 3: Initiation w/ E-Brake – 2nd Gear
Level 4: Drifting Course – 2nd Gear
Level 5: Initiation w/ E-Brake – 3rd Gear
Level 6: Drifting Course – 3rd gear
Level 7: How To Take A Proper Line

Advance Course

2nd & 3rd+ Gear

This course is designed for the driver with a hand-full of experience drifting but is looking to take it to the next level. This course includes how to wall tap, high speed entries/lines and a road-course section to push your skills to the limits. We will start in the classroom and shortly after move out to the skid-pad/road-course to work on the set of advanced levels.

Level 1: Advanced E-Brake Techniques
Level 2: High-Speed Initiation w/ E-Brake – 3rd+ Gear
Level 3: Initiation w/ Feint/Clutch-Kick – 3rd Gear
Level 4: Basic Road-Course Line (No Walls)